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zakk wylde - too numb to cry:

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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Artist: Zakk Wylde
Album: Book Of Shadows
Title: Too Numb To Cry


Tabbed By: Dove

Tuning: Standard

(piano transcribed for acoustic guitar)

Em        D          D/C#    G
I see you across the room

C                         B
Search for some happiness ain't anytime soon

Em          D          D/C#
Turmoil has turned you inside

C                          B                    E??   E   C
Sift through your pages of miracles you wish to find

C                       D
When you're too numb to cry

B                            E??   E   C
& you're just left wondering why

C                       D
When you're too numb to cry

& you're just left wondering why

(repeat verse pattern)
To change in the blink of an eye
If you could you surely would wave yourself good-bye
I try & I try & I try
Get a hold on your suffering
Peace in which you don't wish to buy

E??   E   (4 X)


        Em               D                      D/C#

  O||---|---|---|   ||---|-O-|---|---|     ||---|-O-|---|---|---|
N O||---|---|---|   ||---|---|-O-|---|     ||---|---|-O-|---|---|
  O||---|---|---|   ||---|-O-|---|---|     ||---|-O-|---|---|---|
U  ||---|-O-|---|  O||---|---|---|---|    X||---|---|---|---|---|
   ||---|-O-|---|   ||---|---|---|---|     ||---|---|---|-O-|---|
T O||---|---|---|   ||---|---|---|---|     ||---|---|---|---|---|

        G                       B                       E?? (actually, it's
an Esus4)

   ||---|---|-O-|---|   ||---|-O-|---|---|---|    O||---|---|---|---|---|
N O||---|---|(O)|---|   ||---|---|---|-O-|---|    O||---|---|---|---|---|
  O||---|---|---|---|   ||---|---|---|-O-|---|     ||---|-O-|---|---|---|
U O||---|---|---|---|   ||---|---|---|-O-|---|     ||---|-O-|---|---|---|
   ||---|-X-|---|---|   ||---|-O-|---|---|---|     ||---|-O-|---|---|---|
T  ||---|---|-O-|---|   ||---|---|---|---|---|    O||---|---|---|---|---|

        E                          C

  O||---|---|---|---|--|    O||---|---|---|---|
N O||---|---|---|---|--|     ||-O-|---|---|---|
   ||-O-|---|---|---|--|    O||---|---|---|---|
U  ||---|-O-|---|---|--|     ||---|-O-|---|---|
   ||---|-O-|---|---|--|     ||---|---|-O-|---|
T O||---|---|---|---|--|     ||---|---|---|---|

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