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Song Type Views
angel dust PTB 404
black metal PTB 474
countess bathory PTB 343
if you wanna war PTB 313
in league with satan PTB 345
warhead PTB 408
welcome to hell PTB 381
witching hour PTB 361
Black Metal Gp3 377
Black Metal Gp4 358
Countess Bathory Gp3 382
Countess Bathory Gp4 383
Don't Burn The Witch Gp4 470
If You Wanna War Gp4 378
In League With Satan Gp3 379
Prime Evil Gp4 406
Welcome To Hell Gp4 484
Witching Hour Gp3 367
angel dust Tab 258
black metal Tab 280
countess bathory Tab 281
if you wanna war Tab 262
in league with satan Tab 295
warhead Tab 314
welcome to hell Tab 277
witching hour Tab 301