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Song Type Views
black hearts now reign PTB 353
endless PTB 319
endless PTB 303
failure PTB 290
my heart bleeds no longer PTB 320
predetermined sky PTB 247
the charm PTB 254
the great dividers PTB 287
the great dividers PTB 256
this lying world PTB 339
zombie autopilot PTB 460
Black Hearts Now Reign Gp4 320
Bloodlust Of The Human Condition Gp4 532
Endless Gp4 296
Failure Gp4 386
Lie To Purify Gp4 370
My Heart Bleeds No Longer Gp4 279
Predetermined Sky Gp4 243
The Charm Gp4 271
The Great Dividers Gp4 513
This Lying World Gp4 407
Zombie Autopilot Gp4 341
Zombie Autopilot Gp4 311
black hearts now reign Tab 219
endless Tab 236
endless Tab 226
failure Tab 242
my heart bleeds no longer Tab 215
predetermined sky Tab 255
the charm Tab 203
the great dividers Tab 211
the great dividers Tab 212
this lying world Tab 199
zombie autopilot Tab 214