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Song Type Views
black hearts now reign PTB 420
endless PTB 391
endless PTB 375
failure PTB 353
my heart bleeds no longer PTB 383
predetermined sky PTB 315
the charm PTB 315
the great dividers PTB 345
the great dividers PTB 320
this lying world PTB 406
zombie autopilot PTB 529
Black Hearts Now Reign Gp4 377
Bloodlust Of The Human Condition Gp4 585
Endless Gp4 365
Failure Gp4 452
Lie To Purify Gp4 427
My Heart Bleeds No Longer Gp4 340
Predetermined Sky Gp4 308
The Charm Gp4 337
The Great Dividers Gp4 575
This Lying World Gp4 469
Zombie Autopilot Gp4 398
Zombie Autopilot Gp4 374
black hearts now reign Tab 286
endless Tab 279
endless Tab 295
failure Tab 296
my heart bleeds no longer Tab 265
predetermined sky Tab 345
the charm Tab 254
the great dividers Tab 256
the great dividers Tab 262
this lying world Tab 245
zombie autopilot Tab 307