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Song Type Views
africa PTB 1239
bodhisattva PTB 727
childs anthem PTB 1215
daves gone skiing PTB 879
daves gone skiing live PTB 418
gift of faith PTB 368
gift of faith PTB 423
hold the line PTB 1158
home of the brave PTB 1306
ill be over you PTB 543
never enough PTB 435
only the children PTB 543
rosanna PTB 1094
till the end PTB 865
99 Gp3 337
Africa Gp3 426
Africa Gp3 402
Angela Gp4 401
Anna Gp4 437
Child's Anthem Gp4 675
Childs anthem Gp3 600
Don't Chain My Heart Gp3 298
Don't Chain My Heart Gp4 369
Georgy porgy Gp3 616
Girl's Goodbye Gp3 534
Hold the Line Gp3 279
Hold the line Gp3 312
Hold the line Gp3 269
Hold The Line Gp4 303
Hydra Gp4 354
I'll Be Over You Gp4 619
I'll Supply The Love Gp4 338
I Think I Could Stand You Forever Gp4 269
I will remember Gp3 354
I Won't Hold You Back Gp4 410
I Won't Hold You Back Gp4 380
Pamela Gp4 507
Rosanna Gp3 449
Rosanna Gp4 463
Rosanna Gp4 1140
Stop Loving You Gp4 532
Theme From Dune Gp3 257
Without Your Love Gp4 273
africa Tab 201
bodhisattva Tab 163
childs anthem Tab 203
daves gone skiing Tab 171
daves gone skiing live Tab 216
gift of faith Tab 167
gift of faith Tab 175
hold the line Tab 163
home of the brave Tab 189
ill be over you Tab 150
never enough Tab 189
only the children Tab 176
rosanna Tab 175
till the end Tab 228