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Song Type Views
africa PTB 1225
bodhisattva PTB 712
childs anthem PTB 1171
daves gone skiing PTB 864
daves gone skiing live PTB 400
gift of faith PTB 353
gift of faith PTB 409
hold the line PTB 1141
home of the brave PTB 1281
ill be over you PTB 525
never enough PTB 424
only the children PTB 532
rosanna PTB 1066
till the end PTB 847
99 Gp3 325
Africa Gp3 415
Africa Gp3 390
Angela Gp4 389
Anna Gp4 419
Child's Anthem Gp4 646
Childs anthem Gp3 578
Don't Chain My Heart Gp3 286
Don't Chain My Heart Gp4 356
Georgy porgy Gp3 601
Girl's Goodbye Gp3 523
Hold the Line Gp3 267
Hold the line Gp3 300
Hold the line Gp3 257
Hold The Line Gp4 290
Hydra Gp4 334
I'll Be Over You Gp4 608
I'll Supply The Love Gp4 326
I Think I Could Stand You Forever Gp4 251
I will remember Gp3 341
I Won't Hold You Back Gp4 398
I Won't Hold You Back Gp4 369
Pamela Gp4 495
Rosanna Gp3 436
Rosanna Gp4 446
Rosanna Gp4 1125
Stop Loving You Gp4 522
Theme From Dune Gp3 246
Without Your Love Gp4 261
africa Tab 173
bodhisattva Tab 146
childs anthem Tab 176
daves gone skiing Tab 161
daves gone skiing live Tab 206
gift of faith Tab 156
gift of faith Tab 154
hold the line Tab 150
home of the brave Tab 173
ill be over you Tab 130
never enough Tab 175
only the children Tab 166
rosanna Tab 165
till the end Tab 218