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the verve:

Song Type Views
bittersweet symphony PTB 371
space and time PTB 208
All in the Mind Gp3 222
All In The Mind Gp4 205
A Man Called Sun Gp3 209
Bitter Sweet Simphony Gp4 399
Bitter Sweet Symphony Gp3 291
Catching The Butterfly Gp4 209
Come On Gp4 246
Feel Gp3 213
Gravity Grave Live Glastonbury 93 Gp3 329
Lifes an Ocean Gp3 186
Lifes An Ocean Gp4 186
Lucky Man Gp4 443
Neon Wilderness Gp4 215
No Knock On My Door Gp4 205
One Way To Go Gp4 226
Shes a Superstar Gp3 225
Six OClock Gp3 219
Slide Away Gp3 229
Slide Away Gp4 236
Sonnet Gp4 326
So It Goes Gp3 238
So It Goes 2 Gp4 255
Space And Time Gp4 216
Star Sail Gp4 227
The Drugs Dont Work Gp4 857
The Rolling People Gp4 216
The Rolling People 2 Gp4 191
This Is Music Gp4 221
Weeping Willow Gp4 274
bittersweet symphony Tab 171
space and time Tab 192