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the stone roses:

Song Type Views
daybreak PTB 267
driving south PTB 494
elizabeth my dear PTB 226
fools gold PTB 560
going down PTB 253
i am the resurrection PTB 391
i wanna be adored PTB 302
love spreads PTB 519
made of stone PTB 283
made of stone PTB 251
mersey paradise PTB 289
sally cinnamon PTB 293
she bangs the drums PTB 251
standing here PTB 237
the hardest thing in the world PTB 259
waterfall PTB 621
where angels play PTB 544
your star will shine PTB 649
Elizabeth My Dear Gp3 227
I Am the Resurrection Gp3 297
I Wanna Be Adored Gp4 317
Love Spreads Gp3 383
Made Of Stone Gp4 282
She Bangs the Drums Gp3 241
Song For My Sugar Spun Sister Gp4 338
This Is The One Gp4 277
daybreak Tab 154
driving south Tab 179
elizabeth my dear Tab 149
fools gold Tab 161
going down Tab 151
i am the resurrection Tab 161
i wanna be adored Tab 156
love spreads Tab 135
made of stone Tab 153
made of stone Tab 148
mersey paradise Tab 156
sally cinnamon Tab 139
she bangs the drums Tab 127
standing here Tab 140
the hardest thing in the world Tab 161
waterfall Tab 186
where angels play Tab 179
your star will shine Tab 175