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the stone roses:

Song Type Views
daybreak PTB 259
driving south PTB 490
elizabeth my dear PTB 220
fools gold PTB 555
going down PTB 248
i am the resurrection PTB 385
i wanna be adored PTB 293
love spreads PTB 509
made of stone PTB 275
made of stone PTB 242
mersey paradise PTB 279
sally cinnamon PTB 284
she bangs the drums PTB 242
standing here PTB 228
the hardest thing in the world PTB 252
waterfall PTB 613
where angels play PTB 535
your star will shine PTB 638
Elizabeth My Dear Gp3 223
I Am the Resurrection Gp3 291
I Wanna Be Adored Gp4 309
Love Spreads Gp3 373
Made Of Stone Gp4 274
She Bangs the Drums Gp3 234
Song For My Sugar Spun Sister Gp4 331
This Is The One Gp4 268
daybreak Tab 149
driving south Tab 174
elizabeth my dear Tab 144
fools gold Tab 156
going down Tab 146
i am the resurrection Tab 155
i wanna be adored Tab 151
love spreads Tab 131
made of stone Tab 148
made of stone Tab 143
mersey paradise Tab 152
sally cinnamon Tab 135
she bangs the drums Tab 122
standing here Tab 135
the hardest thing in the world Tab 157
waterfall Tab 181
where angels play Tab 175
your star will shine Tab 170