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the rasmus:

Song Type Views
guilty PTB 242
in the shadows PTB 268
in the shadows PTB 341
not like the other girls PTB 193
no fear PTB 249
Back In The Picture Gp4 223
Bullet Gp4 160
Dead Promises Gp4 175
Every Day Gp4 181
First Day Of My Life Gp4 252
Funreal Song Gp4 219
Guilty Gp4 191
Guilty 2 Gp4 349
In My Life Gp4 245
In The Shadow Gp4 324
In The Shadows Gp4 318
Liquid Gp4 163
Madness Gp4 142
Not Like The Other Girls Gp4 188
No Fear Gp4 278
Sophia Gp4 132
Sophia 2 Gp4 157
guilty Tab 111
in the shadows Tab 145
in the shadows Tab 136
not like the other girls Tab 128
no fear Tab 138