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the rasmus:

Song Type Views
guilty PTB 263
in the shadows PTB 288
in the shadows PTB 362
not like the other girls PTB 218
no fear PTB 269
Back In The Picture Gp4 242
Bullet Gp4 181
Dead Promises Gp4 195
Every Day Gp4 202
First Day Of My Life Gp4 271
Funreal Song Gp4 238
Guilty Gp4 210
Guilty 2 Gp4 366
In My Life Gp4 266
In The Shadow Gp4 347
In The Shadows Gp4 337
Liquid Gp4 182
Madness Gp4 171
Not Like The Other Girls Gp4 209
No Fear Gp4 296
Sophia Gp4 152
Sophia 2 Gp4 176
guilty Tab 129
in the shadows Tab 163
in the shadows Tab 154
not like the other girls Tab 148
no fear Tab 157