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the rasmus:

Song Type Views
guilty PTB 253
in the shadows PTB 279
in the shadows PTB 355
not like the other girls PTB 210
no fear PTB 261
Back In The Picture Gp4 235
Bullet Gp4 172
Dead Promises Gp4 188
Every Day Gp4 195
First Day Of My Life Gp4 264
Funreal Song Gp4 231
Guilty Gp4 203
Guilty 2 Gp4 361
In My Life Gp4 260
In The Shadow Gp4 341
In The Shadows Gp4 330
Liquid Gp4 176
Madness Gp4 157
Not Like The Other Girls Gp4 201
No Fear Gp4 291
Sophia Gp4 145
Sophia 2 Gp4 168
guilty Tab 124
in the shadows Tab 157
in the shadows Tab 148
not like the other girls Tab 140
no fear Tab 151