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the rasmus:

Song Type Views
guilty PTB 316
in the shadows PTB 331
in the shadows PTB 404
not like the other girls PTB 268
no fear PTB 311
Back In The Picture Gp4 294
Bullet Gp4 227
Dead Promises Gp4 248
Every Day Gp4 247
First Day Of My Life Gp4 311
Funreal Song Gp4 285
Guilty Gp4 244
Guilty 2 Gp4 405
In My Life Gp4 310
In The Shadow Gp4 386
In The Shadows Gp4 390
Liquid Gp4 215
Madness Gp4 209
Not Like The Other Girls Gp4 249
No Fear Gp4 339
Sophia Gp4 202
Sophia 2 Gp4 212
guilty Tab 166
in the shadows Tab 200
in the shadows Tab 194
not like the other girls Tab 190
no fear Tab 199