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the hellecasters:

Song Type Views
5 minutes to spare PTB 430
back on terra firma PTB 765
hellecaster stomp PTB 370
hellecaster theme PTB 415
help ive fallen and i cant get up PTB 328
highlander boogie PTB 793
inspector gadget PTB 424
king arthurs dream PTB 309
menage the beakthe claw PTB 391
orange blossom special PTB 965
rockin the dog PTB 344
sweet dreams PTB 491
King Arthurs Dream Gp4 227
The Claw Gp4 380
5 minutes to spare Tab 191
back on terra firma Tab 212
hellecaster stomp Tab 169
hellecaster theme Tab 158
help ive fallen and i cant get up Tab 164
highlander boogie Tab 200
inspector gadget Tab 226
king arthurs dream Tab 200
menage the beakthe claw Tab 183
orange blossom special Tab 237
rockin the dog Tab 169
sweet dreams Tab 179