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the dillinger escape plan:

Song Type Views
43 burnt PTB 335
babys first coffin PTB 170
sugar coated sour PTB 236
the mullet burden PTB 206
unretrofied PTB 295
when good dogs do bad things PTB 607
43 Burnt Gp4 367
Babys First Coffin Gp4 1363
Babys First Coffin 2 Gp4 178
Babys First Cofin Gp4 174
Calculating Infinity Gp4 215
Panasonic Youth Gp4 530
The Mullet Burden Gp4 188
43 burnt Tab 178
babys first coffin Tab 127
sugar coated sour Tab 125
the mullet burden Tab 114
unretrofied Tab 117
when good dogs do bad things Tab 125