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the black crowes:

Song Type Views
hard to handle PTB 518
hard to handle PTB 686
jealous again PTB 1039
kicking my heart around PTB 319
my morning song PTB 511
only a fool PTB 257
she talks to angels PTB 422
soul singing PTB 667
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye Gp4 218
By Your Side Gp3 227
By Your Side Gp4 236
Diamond Ring Gp3 219
Downtown Money Waster Gp4 193
Gone Gp4 308
Go Faster Gp4 365
Go Tell The Congregation Gp4 236
Hard to Handle Gp3 401
Hard To Handle Gp4 2675
Heavy Gp4 306
Horsehead Gp4 379
jealous Gp3 304
Miracle to Me Intro Gp3 242
Only A Fool Gp3 226
Only A Fool Gp4 197
Remedy Gp3 367
Remedy 2 Gp4 395
Seeing Things Gp3 263
She Talks to Angels Gp3 312
She Talks To Angels Gp4 279
sister luck Gp3 274
Sister Luck 2 Gp3 275
Sometimes Salvation Gp4 309
Sting Me Gp4 336
Then She Said My Name Gp4 208
Thorn in my Pride intro Gp3 402
Welcome To The Good Times Gp4 365
Wiser Time Intro Gp3 266
hard to handle Tab 189
hard to handle Tab 181
jealous again Tab 187
kicking my heart around Tab 225
my morning song Tab 195
only a fool Tab 164
she talks to angels Tab 183
soul singing Tab 174