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suicidal tendencies:

Song Type Views
get whacked PTB 188
hippie killer PTB 183
Cyco Vision Gp3 158
Cyco vision Gp3 171
Cyco Vision Gp3 178
Freedumb Gp3 199
Gaigan Go Home Gp3 159
Get Whacked Gp3 193
Gotta Kill Captain Stupid Gp3 192
Home Gp3 162
Ill Hate You Better Gp3 181
Institutionalized Gp3 231
Its Going Down Gp3 183
I Aint Like You Gp3 160
I Saw Your Mommy Gp3 375
Nobody Hears Gp4 1218
Scream Out Gp3 181
Wheres The Truth Gp3 179
Which Way To Free Gp3 194
get whacked Tab 145
hippie killer Tab 151