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Song Type Views
acoustic to electric PTB 156
arpeggio song PTB 171
a dry white season PTB 175
cleaning my room PTB 140
color blind PTB 188
dark 2 PTB 146
dissonant beginning PTB 170
half empty soul PTB 174
making a deal PTB 150
neww PTB 153
pull the hammer PTB 153
second song with solo PTB 180
signed with the devil PTB 145
start of an old century PTB 167
the ending PTB 158
acoustic to electric Tab 163
arpeggio song Tab 133
a dry white season Tab 144
cleaning my room Tab 138
color blind Tab 147
dark 2 Tab 146
dissonant beginning Tab 151
half empty soul Tab 128
making a deal Tab 150
neww Tab 193
pull the hammer Tab 145
second song with solo Tab 141
signed with the devil Tab 162
start of an old century Tab 153
the ending Tab 136