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Song Type Views
the bitch is back PTB 235
Beware The Heavens Gp3 201
Beware The Heavens Gp4 208
Demonstration #1 Gp4 358
Demonstration #2 Gp4 1167
Gallowmere Gp3 189
I Spit On Your Grave Gp3 194
I Spit On Your Grave Gp4 187
I Spit On Your Grave Gp3 169
I Spit On Your Grave Gp4 185
Laid To Rest Gp4 182
Midnight Madness Gp4 254
Midnight Madness Gp4 263
Midnight Madness (Intro) Gp4 241
Passage To The Fourth World Gp4 219
Demonstration #1 Gp3 217
Demonstration #1 Gp4 183
Pulsation Gp4 177
Pulsation Gp4 185
Suicide By My Side Gp4 255
The Bitch Is Back Gp4 195
The Sin Trade Gp3 353
The Warrior Princess Gp4 237
Venomous Vixens Gp4 253
Written In Stone Gp3 216
the bitch is back Tab 150