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rory gallagher:

Song Type Views
country mile PTB 525
moonchild PTB 452
A Million Miles Away Gp3 353
A Million Miles Away (2) Gp4 420
Bad Penny Gp4 325
Brute Force And Ignorance Gp4 227
Calling Card Gp4 262
Crest Of A Wave Gp4 244
Cruise On Out Gp4 184
Daughter Of The Everglades Gp4 218
Do you read me Gp4 319
Follow Me Gp4 311
Fuel To The Fire Gp4 276
Hands Up Gp4 213
I'm Not Awake Yet Gp4 255
I Fall Apart Gp4 222
I Fall Apart (Chorus) Gp3 198
Jacknife Beat Gp3 202
Laundromat (Live In Europe) Gp4 229
Maybe I Will Gp4 183
Messin' With The Kid (Live In Europe) Gp4 409
Moonchild Gp3 257
Moonchild Gp4 279
Out On the Western Plain Gp3 2810
Overnight Bag Gp4 204
Philby Gp4 221
Philby (2) Gp4 286
Pistol Slapper Blues Gp3 329
Race the Breeze Gp3 201
Road To Hell Gp4 238
Shadow Play (Live) Gp4 260
Slumming Angel Gp4 245
Souped Up Ford Gp3 228
Tattoo'd Lady (Irish Tour '74) Gp4 345
The Last Of The Independants Gp4 236
Used To Be Gp4 225
Walk On Hot Coals Gp4 433
Whole Lotta People Gp4 189
country mile Tab 160
moonchild Tab 154