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Song Type Views
insanity PTB 290
Alive But Dead Gp4 374
All This Time Gp4 416
Baby, I'm Your Nightmare Gp4 404
Days Of December Gp4 404
Deep In The Blackest Hole Gp4 350
Dies Irae Gp3 325
Down (intro) Gp3 556
From The Cradle To The Grave Gp4 683
Golden Fingers Gp4 237
Great Old Ones Gp4 331
Higher Than The Sky Gp4 513
Human Metal Gp4 322
Insanity Gp3 237
Light Into The Darkness Gp3 238
Lost in the Ice Gp3 283
Lunatic Gp3 295
Orgy Of Destruction Gp3 251
Refuge Gp3 331
Riders On The Moonlight Gp4 273
Sent By The Devil Gp3 253
Straight To Hell Gp4 3931
The Crawling Chaos Gp4 245
Who Dares Gp4 271
insanity Tab 214