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peppino dagostino:

Song Type Views
acoustic spirit PTB 354
alezas eyes PTB 235
a glimpse of times past PTB 230
bella donna PTB 289
born in the sea PTB 241
calypso facto PTB 217
close to heaven PTB 346
desert flower PTB 342
echo of delphi valley PTB 345
goodbye robbie PTB 269
grand canyon PTB 438
mediterranean dance PTB 373
mothers tears PTB 293
only yesterday PTB 326
running wild PTB 413
song for carol duet PTB 243
the dancer PTB 301
walk away renee PTB 293
why not PTB 304
acoustic spirit Tab 177
alezas eyes Tab 167
a glimpse of times past Tab 167
bella donna Tab 162
born in the sea Tab 166
calypso facto Tab 164
close to heaven Tab 186
desert flower Tab 179
echo of delphi valley Tab 186
goodbye robbie Tab 142
grand canyon Tab 151
mediterranean dance Tab 164
mothers tears Tab 157
only yesterday Tab 175
running wild Tab 151
song for carol duet Tab 163
the dancer Tab 202
walk away renee Tab 166
why not Tab 180