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peppino dagostino:

Song Type Views
acoustic spirit PTB 327
alezas eyes PTB 208
a glimpse of times past PTB 203
bella donna PTB 261
born in the sea PTB 216
calypso facto PTB 191
close to heaven PTB 321
desert flower PTB 317
echo of delphi valley PTB 310
goodbye robbie PTB 240
grand canyon PTB 410
mediterranean dance PTB 341
mothers tears PTB 265
only yesterday PTB 293
running wild PTB 382
song for carol duet PTB 216
the dancer PTB 272
walk away renee PTB 270
why not PTB 281
acoustic spirit Tab 150
alezas eyes Tab 142
a glimpse of times past Tab 142
bella donna Tab 136
born in the sea Tab 140
calypso facto Tab 138
close to heaven Tab 156
desert flower Tab 153
echo of delphi valley Tab 159
goodbye robbie Tab 115
grand canyon Tab 126
mediterranean dance Tab 137
mothers tears Tab 132
only yesterday Tab 148
running wild Tab 126
song for carol duet Tab 138
the dancer Tab 178
walk away renee Tab 141
why not Tab 155