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paul mccartney:

Song Type Views
band on the run PTB 336
here today PTB 236
let me roll it PTB 338
singalong junk PTB 255
Blackbird (Live Version) Gp4 261
Every Night Gp4 242
Freedom Gp4 222
Here Today Gp4 243
Hope Of Deliverance Gp4 248
If You Wanna Gp3 246
Jenny Wren Gp4 381
Jet (Live Version) Gp4 197
Junk Gp3 241
Let Me Roll It Gp3 246
Listen To What The Man Said Gp4 262
Little Willow Gp4 263
Live and Let Die Gp3 966
Maybe I'm Amazed Gp4 291
Mull Of Kintyre Gp4 262
My Love Gp4 312
Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five Gp3 267
Pipes Of Peace Gp4 194
Put It There Gp4 242
Ram On Gp3 217
Say Say Say Gp3 264
Silly Love Songs Gp4 244
Sing along junk Gp3 231
Somedays Gp3 224
Somedays Gp4 264
Teddy boy Gp3 197
We Got Married Gp4 206
Young Boy (Guitar Solo) Gp3 221
band on the run Tab 162
here today Tab 253
let me roll it Tab 224
singalong junk Tab 289