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nocturnal rites:

Song Type Views
eternity holds PTB 235
glorious PTB 154
hold on to the flame PTB 147
never die PTB 155
the iron force PTB 129
Afterlife Gp3 160
Against The World Gp3 168
Awakening Gp4 243
Break Away Gp3 168
Burn In Hell Gp3 164
Change The World Gp3 156
Dark Secret Gp3 189
Destiny Calls Gp3 150
Eternity Holds Gp3 186
Free At Last Gp3 137
Glorious Gp3 142
Gternify Holds Gp4 151
Hellenium Gp3 149
Hold On To The Flame Gp3 131
In A Time Of Blood & Fire Gp3 152
Lay Of Ennui Gp3 144
Never Die Gp4 152
Pentagram Gp4 212
Ride On Gp3 141
Ring Of Steel Gp3 143
Sacrifice Gp3 138
Skyline Flame Gp3 141
Test Of Time Gp3 134
The Flame Will Never Die Gp3 144
The Iron Force Gp3 130
The Iron Force Gp4 143
The King's Command Gp3 142
The Legend Lives On Gp3 142
The Sinners Cross Gp3 139
Wake Up Dead Gp3 157
When Fire Comes To Ice Gp3 129
eternity holds Tab 152
glorious Tab 164
hold on to the flame Tab 135
never die Tab 154
the iron force Tab 147