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Song Type Views
execration text PTB 321
immortality through artgodless PTB 223
i whisper in the ear of the dead PTB 232
kheftiu asar butchiu PTB 244
masturbating the war god PTB 162
opening of the mouth PTB 161
sarcophagus PTB 276
stones of sorrow PTB 188
the black flame PTB 215
unas slayer of the gods PTB 209
wrought PTB 218
Churning The Maelstrom Gp3 145
Churning The Maelstrom Gp4 156
Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar Gp4 140
Destruction Of The Temple Of The Enemies Of Ra Gp4 171
Execration Text Gp4 247
Lashed To The Slave Stick Gp4 301
Masturbating The War God Gp4 148
Opening Of The Mouth Gp4 191
Ruins Gp4 165
Sarcophagous Gp4 182
Sarcophagus Gp4 151
Stones Of Sorrow Gp4 141
Stones Of Sorrow Gp4 140
The Black Flame Gp4 177
The Blessed Dead Gp4 145
Unas, Slayer Of The Gods Gp4 165
Unas Slayer Of The Gods Gp4 175
Winds Of Horus Gp4 212
black seeds of vengeance Tab 200
chapter for transforming into a snake Tab 181
churning the maelstrom Tab 219
defiling the gates of ishtar Tab 180
execration text Tab 233
immortality through art godless Tab 253
in their darkened shrines i Tab 175
in their darkened shrines ii Tab 206
in their darkened shrines iii Tab 149
in their darkened shrines iv Tab 222
i whisper in the ear of the dead Tab 161
kheftiu asar butchiu Tab 202
masturbating the war god Tab 158
ramses bringer of war Tab 169
sarcaphocus Tab 170
sarcaphocus Tab 208
sarcaphocus Tab 188
stones of sorrow Tab 177
stones of sorrow Tab 191
stones of sorrow bass Tab 173
the black hand of set Tab 189
the blessed dead Tab 175
unas slayer of the gods Tab 187
wind of horus Tab 182
wrought Tab 149
execration text Tab 159
immortality through artgodless Tab 144
i whisper in the ear of the dead Tab 166
kheftiu asar butchiu Tab 170
masturbating the war god Tab 211
opening of the mouth Tab 161
sarcophagus Tab 186
stones of sorrow Tab 149
the black flame Tab 135
unas slayer of the gods Tab 182
wrought Tab 204