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lynyrd skynyrd:

Song Type Views
all i can do is write about it PTB 340
call me the breeze PTB 594
dont ask me no questions PTB 331
down south jukin PTB 478
freebird PTB 944
gimme back my bullets PTB 345
gimme three steps PTB 502
i aint the one PTB 305
i know a little PTB 415
on the hunt PTB 343
red white blue PTB 292
saturday night special PTB 336
simple man PTB 1048
sweet home alabama PTB 1465
that smell PTB 417
the ballad of curtis loew PTB 431
the needle and the spoon PTB 340
tuesdays gone PTB 509
whats your name PTB 279
whiskey rockaroller PTB 318
you got that right PTB 310
Call Me The Breeze Gp4 363
Don't Ask Me No Questions Gp3 321
Every Mother's Son Gp4 433
Freebird Gp3 255
Free Bird Gp3 313
Free Bird Gp4 305
Free Bird Gp3 251
Free Bird Gp4 300
Free Bird (Acoustic) Gp4 772
Free Bird (Live) Gp4 423
Gimme Back My Bullets Gp4 331
Gimme Three Steps Gp3 263
Gimme Three Steps Gp4 278
I Ain't The One Gp4 321
I Know A Little Gp3 347
I Never Dreamed Gp4 538
On The Hunt Gp4 524
Roll Gypsy Roll Gp3 364
Saturday Night Special Gp3 228
Saturday Night Special Gp4 267
Simple Man Gp3 277
Simple Man Gp3 268
Simple Man Gp4 296
Sweet Home Alabama Gp3 522
Sweet Home Alabama Gp4 486
Sweet Home Alabama Gp3 370
Sweet Home Alabama (Acoustic Version) Gp3 3420
That Smell Gp3 296
The Ballad Of Curtis Loew Gp4 406
The Needle and the Spoon Gp4 315
The Needle and the Spoon (solo 1) Gp3 331
Travellin' Man Gp4 261
Tuesday's Gone Gp4 285
Tuesday's Gone Final Gp3 291
Whats Your Name Gp3 223
sweet home alabama Tab 181
that smell Tab 134
the ballad of curtis loew Tab 126
the needle and the spoon Tab 134
tuesdays gone Tab 185
whats your name Tab 128
whiskey rockaroller Tab 125
you got that right Tab 171
all i can do is write about it Tab 142
call me the breeze Tab 164
dont ask me no questions Tab 145
down south jukin Tab 164
freebird Tab 181
gimme back my bullets Tab 157
gimme three steps Tab 171
i aint the one Tab 148
i know a little Tab 179
on the hunt Tab 144
red white blue Tab 146
saturday night special Tab 143
simple man Tab 169