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leonard cohen:

Song Type Views
chelsea hotel no 2 PTB 432
hallelujah PTB 750
Avalanche Gp4 403
Bird on a Wire Gp3 389
Bird on the wire Gp3 338
Chelsea Hotel No.2 (2) Gp3 514
Dance Me To The End Of Love Gp4 614
Everybody Knows Gp4 388
Famous Blue Raincoat Gp3 336
Famous Blue Raincoat (2) Gp4 392
Hallelujah Gp4 636
Hallelujah (2) Gp4 770
Hey, That 's No Way To Say Goodbye Gp3 469
Joan of Arc Gp3 367
Minute Prologue Gp4 332
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong Gp4 312
Sisters of Mercy Gp3 398
Suzanne Gp3 406
Suzanne (2) Gp3 404
chelsea hotel no 2 Tab 252
hallelujah Tab 306