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leo kottke:

Song Type Views
bigger situation PTB 418
busted bicycle PTB 475
jesu joy of mans desiring PTB 684
machine no 2 PTB 376
ojo PTB 489
red and white PTB 359
rings live PTB 748
snorkel PTB 736
the fisherman PTB 438
twilight time PTB 378
Agile N. Gp4 353
Anyway Gp4 342
Arms Of Mary Gp4 461
Busted Bicycle Gp4 371
Crow River Waltz Gp4 2859
In Christ There Is No East or West Gp3 349
Last Steam Engine Train Gp4 364
Little Martha Gp3 434
Stealing Gp3 352
Taxco Steps Gp3 330
The Fisherman Gp3 395
The Last Steam Engine Train Gp3 379
The Sailor s Grave on the Prairie Gp3 307
The Song Of The Swamp Gp3 288
Vaseline Machine Gun Gp4 516
Watermelon Gp3 378
bigger situation Tab 307
busted bicycle Tab 276
jesu joy of mans desiring Tab 255
machine no 2 Tab 230
ojo Tab 265
red and white Tab 273
rings live Tab 280
snorkel Tab 276
the fisherman Tab 264
twilight time Tab 268