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johnny a:

Song Type Views
hip bone PTB 609
in the wind PTB 261
i had to laugh PTB 271
krea gata PTB 289
oh yeah PTB 737
oh yeah PTB 982
poor side of town PTB 420
sing singin PTB 266
sometime tuesday morning PTB 257
sometime tuesday morning PTB 253
the wind cries mary PTB 400
two wheel horse PTB 409
walk dont run PTB 309
wichita lineman PTB 915
hip bone Tab 235
in the wind Tab 205
i had to laugh Tab 211
krea gata Tab 195
oh yeah Tab 308
oh yeah Tab 274
poor side of town Tab 209
sing singin Tab 209
sometime tuesday morning Tab 201
sometime tuesday morning Tab 233
the wind cries mary Tab 222
two wheel horse Tab 245
walk dont run Tab 211
wichita lineman Tab 293