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jeff beck:

Song Type Views
blue wind PTB 618
cause weve ended as lovers PTB 2701
freeway jam PTB 754
freeway jam PTB 903
greensleeves PTB 451
people get ready PTB 906
sling shot PTB 512
where were you PTB 750
you know what i mean PTB 637
AIR Blower Scatterbrain Gp3 546
A Day In The Life (Intro) Gp4 905
Beck's Bolero Gp3 474
Beck 's Bolero (2) Gp4 454
Behind The Veil Gp4 481
Blue Wind Gp3 428
Brush With The Blues Gp4 2660
Cause We 've Ended As Lovers Gp3 944
Come Dancing Gp3 438
Devil 's Haircut Gp3 350
Greensleeves Gp3 523
I Ain't Superstitious Gp4 409
People Get Ready Gp4 660
Scatterbrain(intro only) Gp3 553
scatterbrain Gp3 499
scatterbrain (2) Gp3 599
Too Much To Lose Gp3 450
Tropicalia Gp3 425
blue wind Tab 271
cause weve ended as lovers Tab 261
freeway jam Tab 275
freeway jam Tab 266
greensleeves Tab 269
people get ready Tab 263
sling shot Tab 251
where were you Tab 274
you know what i mean Tab 336