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james taylor:

Song Type Views
carolina on my mind PTB 1118
country road PTB 535
fire and rain PTB 693
long ago and far away PTB 490
something in the way she moves PTB 640
youve got a friend PTB 1082
Carolina In My Mind Gp3 408
Caroline I See You Gp3 371
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight Gp4 422
Fire And Rain Gp3 401
Fire And Rain (2) Gp4 390
Handy Man Gp4 402
Long Ago And Far Away Gp4 363
Love Has Brought Me Around Gp4 367
Mexico Gp4 423
On The Fourth Of July Gp3 388
September Grass Gp3 433
Something In The Way She Moves Gp4 376
Sweet Baby James Gp4 435
Wandering Gp3 371
You've Got a Friend Gp3 712
You Can Close Your Eyes Gp3 485
carolina on my mind Tab 290
country road Tab 300
fire and rain Tab 291
long ago and far away Tab 274
something in the way she moves Tab 276
youve got a friend Tab 296