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henry mancini:

Song Type Views
pink panther fingerstyle PTB 3205
A Pantera Cor de Rosa Gp3 558
Baby Elephant Walk Gp4 616
Charade Gp3 427
Dreamsville Gp3 354
Love Story Theme Gp3 591
Mr. Lucky Gp3 394
Pink Panther Theme For One Guitar Gp4 623
Shot In The Dark Gp3 341
Slow Hot Wind Gp3 363
Straight to Baby Gp3 349
Theme from Hatari Gp3 476
The Pink Panther Gp3 12086
The Pink Panther (2) Gp4 513
The Pink Panther Theme Gp4 1590
pink panther fingerstyle Tab 349