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Song Type Views
another day another vendetta PTB 268
beholder of justice PTB 266
doomsayer PTB 279
i will be heard PTB 302
live for this PTB 271
puritan PTB 230
straight to your face PTB 377
this is now PTB 248
this is now PTB 226
Afflicted Past Gp4 222
Another Day, Another Vendetta Gp4 450
A Call For Blood Gp3 252
Before Dishonor Gp3 218
Before Dishonor Gp4 194
Beholder Of Justice Gp4 235
Betrayed By Life Gp4 240
Burial For The Living Gp4 219
Burn The Lies Gp4 207
Conceived Through An Act Of Violence Gp4 219
Doomsayer Gp4 249
Driven By Suffering Gp3 213
Driven By Suffering Gp4 176
Empty Promises Gp4 242
Facing What Consumes You Gp4 228
Hollow Ground Gp4 202
I Will Be Heard Gp4 250
I Will Be Heard Gp4 226
Last Breath Gp3 224
Last Breath Gp3 195
Last Breath Gp4 178
Live For This Gp4 266
Live For This Gp4 202
Mark My Words Gp4 205
Not One Truth Gp4 234
Perseverance Gp4 228
Prepare For War Gp4 225
Proven Gp4 261
Puritan Gp3 212
Puritan Gp3 214
Remain Nameless Gp4 225
Smash Your Enemies Gp4 226
Tear It Down Gp4 277
This Is Now Gp4 255
Worlds Apart Gp4 219
before Tab 265
i Tab 244
satisfaction album Tab 248
another day another vendetta Tab 244
beholder of justice Tab 214
doomsayer Tab 208
i will be heard Tab 228
live for this Tab 229
puritan Tab 224
straight to your face Tab 220
this is now Tab 221
this is now Tab 225