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Song Type Views
another day another vendetta PTB 253
beholder of justice PTB 247
doomsayer PTB 258
i will be heard PTB 284
live for this PTB 250
puritan PTB 209
straight to your face PTB 359
this is now PTB 227
this is now PTB 207
Afflicted Past Gp4 205
Another Day, Another Vendetta Gp4 430
A Call For Blood Gp3 235
Before Dishonor Gp3 202
Before Dishonor Gp4 177
Beholder Of Justice Gp4 217
Betrayed By Life Gp4 219
Burial For The Living Gp4 202
Burn The Lies Gp4 185
Conceived Through An Act Of Violence Gp4 198
Doomsayer Gp4 233
Driven By Suffering Gp3 198
Driven By Suffering Gp4 162
Empty Promises Gp4 224
Facing What Consumes You Gp4 210
Hollow Ground Gp4 186
I Will Be Heard Gp4 230
I Will Be Heard Gp4 206
Last Breath Gp3 205
Last Breath Gp3 175
Last Breath Gp4 158
Live For This Gp4 247
Live For This Gp4 182
Mark My Words Gp4 186
Not One Truth Gp4 214
Perseverance Gp4 209
Prepare For War Gp4 208
Proven Gp4 241
Puritan Gp3 198
Puritan Gp3 194
Remain Nameless Gp4 206
Smash Your Enemies Gp4 207
Tear It Down Gp4 257
This Is Now Gp4 233
Worlds Apart Gp4 201
before Tab 243
i Tab 225
satisfaction album Tab 232
another day another vendetta Tab 225
beholder of justice Tab 199
doomsayer Tab 189
i will be heard Tab 211
live for this Tab 211
puritan Tab 207
straight to your face Tab 205
this is now Tab 204
this is now Tab 209