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golden earring:

Song Type Views
another 45 miles unplugged PTB 489
radar love PTB 706
twilight zone PTB 597
vanilla queen acoustic PTB 382
Another 45 Miles Gp4 297
Eight Miles High Gp4 506
Freedom Don't Last Forever Gp4 249
Going to the run Gp3 418
Hold Me Now Gp4 255
Legalize Telepathy Gp4 249
up Gp4 293
One Shot Away From Paradise Gp4 253
Pourin My Heart Out Again Gp4 257
Radar Love Gp4 517
Twilight Zone Gp4 455
Vanilla Queen Gp4 298
Why Do I Gp4 263
another 45 miles unplugged Tab 240
radar love Tab 252
twilight zone Tab 232
vanilla queen acoustic Tab 247