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Song Type Views
am i ever gonna change PTB 363
color me blind PTB 671
cupids dead PTB 564
cynical PTB 598
decadence dance PTB 483
decadence dance PTB 333
evilangelist PTB 464
get the funk out PTB 446
get the funk out PTB 400
heman woman hater PTB 1295
hip today PTB 392
hole hearted PTB 323
hole hearted PTB 330
it s a monster PTB 411
kid ego PTB 317
little girls PTB 368
love of my life PTB 543
midnight express PTB 1043
more than words PTB 633
more than words PTB 450
mutha dont wanna go to school today PTB 427
naked PTB 237
no respect PTB 549
peacemaker die PTB 378
play with me PTB 526
politicalamity PTB 325
pornograffitti PTB 392
rest in peace PTB 461
rise n shine PTB 265
shadow boxing PTB 460
stop the world PTB 290
strutter PTB 310
teachers pet PTB 481
there is no god PTB 265
too much of a good thing wheres the hook PTB 407
tragic comic PTB 359
unconditionally PTB 447
waiting for the punchline PTB 392
warheads PTB 548
watching waiting PTB 604
when i first kissed you PTB 515
who cares PTB 382
wind me up PTB 534
Am I Ever Gonna Change Gp3 276
Big Boys Don't Cry Gp4 306
Cupid's dead Gp4 356
Cupid's Dead Gp4 429
Cynical Gp3 413
Decadence Dance Gp3 272
Decadence Dance Gp4 326
Flight of the Wounded BumbleBee Gp3 235
Flight of the Wounded BumbleBee Gp3 146
Get the Funk Out Gp3 313
Get The Funk Out Gp3 409
Man Woman Hater Gp3 385
man Women Hater Gp4 324
Man Woman Hater Gp3 197
Hip Today Gp4 558
Hole Hearted Gp3 264
Hole Hearted Gp3 167
Hole Hearted Gp3 167
Hole in my heart Gp3 275
It's A Monster Gp3 269
It's A Monster Gp4 171
It's A Monster Gp4 223
Its A Monster Gp3 194
Kid Ego Gp4 214
Little Girls Gp4 286
Midnight Express Gp3 513
Money (In God We Trust) Gp3 290
More Than Words Gp3 383
More Than Words Gp3 262
more than words Gp3 260
More Than Words Gp4 403
Mucha (Dont Wanna Go To School Today) Gp3 249
Nuno Lesson Gp3 315
Our Father Gp4 251
Peacemaker Die Gp3 251
Play That Funky Music Gp4 293
Play with me Gp3 272
Play With Me Gp3 235
Play With Me Gp4 167
Play With Me Gp4 160
Politicalamity Gp3 285
Politicalamity Gp4 158
Pornograffitti Gp3 243
Pornograffitti Gp4 258
Rest In Peace Gp3 330
Rest In Peace (solo) Gp3 304
Rest In Piece Gp3 272
Risen Shine Gp4 277
Rock A Bye Bye (nuno Solo) Gp4 366
Song For Love Gp4 299
Stop The World Gp3 272
Suzie (Wants Her All Day What) Gp3 356
Teacher's Pet Gp4 328
There Is No God Gp3 247
Tragic Comic Gp3 304
Warheads Gp4 449
When Im President Gp3 256
am i ever gonna change Tab 290
color me blind Tab 248
cupids dead Tab 238
cynical Tab 264
decadence dance Tab 218
decadence dance Tab 257
evilangelist Tab 244
get the funk out Tab 239
get the funk out Tab 241
heman woman hater Tab 281
hip today Tab 289
hole hearted Tab 218
hole hearted Tab 296
it s a monster Tab 227
kid ego Tab 246
little girls Tab 239
love of my life Tab 282
midnight express Tab 259
more than words Tab 250
more than words Tab 298
mutha dont wanna go to school today Tab 232
naked Tab 169
no respect Tab 269
peacemaker die Tab 239
play with me Tab 250
politicalamity Tab 241
pornograffitti Tab 234
rest in peace Tab 252
rise n shine Tab 260
shadow boxing Tab 260
stop the world Tab 249
strutter Tab 247
teachers pet Tab 219
there is no god Tab 225
too much of a good thing wheres the hook Tab 253
tragic comic Tab 218
unconditionally Tab 236
waiting for the punchline Tab 222
warheads Tab 312
watching waiting Tab 244
when i first kissed you Tab 251
who cares Tab 258
wind me up Tab 314