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Song Type Views
carrie PTB 616
cherokee PTB 361
halfway to heaven PTB 292
heart of stone PTB 277
more than meets the eye PTB 750
ninja PTB 1107
open your heart PTB 433
prisoners in paradise PTB 329
ready or not PTB 473
rock the night PTB 430
rock the night PTB 245
the final countdown PTB 804
the final countdown PTB 378
time has come PTB 6225
Carrie Gp4 788
Cherokee Gp3 328
Final Countdown Gp3 335
Got To Have Faith Gp3 383
Halfway To Heaven Gp3 241
Heart Of Stone Gp4 280
Ill Cry For You Gp3 310
In The Future To Come Gp4 261
Love Chaser Gp4 264
On The Loose Gp4 239
Open Your Heart Gp3 278
Open Your Heart Gp3 212
solo Gp3 611
Prisoners In Paradise Gp3 268
Ready Or Not Gp4 315
Rock the Night Gp3 331
Scream of Anger Gp3 277
Solo Gp4 367
Seven Doors Hotel Gp4 450
Sign Of The Times Gp3 434
Stormwind Gp4 352
Stormwind Gp3 209
superstitius Gp3 490
Superstitius solo complete Gp3 265
The Final Countdown Gp3 274
The Final Countdown Gp4 194
The Final Countdown Gp3 216
The Final Countdown Gp4 210
The Final Countdown Gp4 238
The Final Countdown (Heavymetal remix 1) Gp3 319
The Final Countdown (Heavymetal remix 2) Gp3 228
Time Has Come Gp4 241
the final countdown Tab 266
carrie Tab 224
cherokee Tab 266
halfway to heaven Tab 249
heart of stone Tab 232
more than meets the eye Tab 248
ninja Tab 207
open your heart Tab 229
prisoners in paradise Tab 242
ready or not Tab 274
rock the night Tab 256
rock the night Tab 261
the final countdown Tab 253
the final countdown Tab 295
time has come Tab 216