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Song Type Views
carrie PTB 632
cherokee PTB 378
halfway to heaven PTB 313
heart of stone PTB 294
more than meets the eye PTB 769
ninja PTB 1133
open your heart PTB 450
prisoners in paradise PTB 349
ready or not PTB 494
rock the night PTB 446
rock the night PTB 257
the final countdown PTB 825
the final countdown PTB 395
time has come PTB 6246
Carrie Gp4 808
Cherokee Gp3 345
Final Countdown Gp3 351
Got To Have Faith Gp3 403
Halfway To Heaven Gp3 261
Heart Of Stone Gp4 303
Ill Cry For You Gp3 333
In The Future To Come Gp4 291
Love Chaser Gp4 292
On The Loose Gp4 257
Open Your Heart Gp3 297
Open Your Heart Gp3 228
solo Gp3 624
Prisoners In Paradise Gp3 286
Ready Or Not Gp4 340
Rock the Night Gp3 345
Scream of Anger Gp3 293
Solo Gp4 392
Seven Doors Hotel Gp4 473
Sign Of The Times Gp3 455
Stormwind Gp4 371
Stormwind Gp3 231
superstitius Gp3 513
Superstitius solo complete Gp3 282
The Final Countdown Gp3 299
The Final Countdown Gp4 205
The Final Countdown Gp3 232
The Final Countdown Gp4 222
The Final Countdown Gp4 251
The Final Countdown (Heavymetal remix 1) Gp3 336
The Final Countdown (Heavymetal remix 2) Gp3 243
Time Has Come Gp4 258
the final countdown Tab 287
carrie Tab 248
cherokee Tab 301
halfway to heaven Tab 265
heart of stone Tab 249
more than meets the eye Tab 272
ninja Tab 231
open your heart Tab 251
prisoners in paradise Tab 259
ready or not Tab 302
rock the night Tab 279
rock the night Tab 284
the final countdown Tab 292
the final countdown Tab 317
time has come Tab 232