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Song Type Views
all the clowns PTB 548
headless game PTB 318
no more foolin PTB 301
steel church PTB 248
tears of a mandrake PTB 419
the kingdom PTB 360
vain glory opera PTB 277
All The Clowns Gp3 256
All The Clowns Gp3 228
Angel Rebellion Gp4 280
Arrows Fly Gp3 266
Arrows Fly Gp4 208
Babylon Gp3 294
Babylon Gp3 210
Deadmaker Gp3 253
Down To The Devil Gp4 331
Falling Down Gp4 256
Forever Gp4 347
For A Trace Of Life Gp4 285
For A Trace Of Life Gp4 188
Holy Water Gp4 388
How Many Miles Gp3 259
How Many Miles Gp4 235
Hymn Gp4 348
Judas At The Opera Gp4 612
King Of Fools Gp4 327
King Of Fools Gp4 255
King Of Fools Gp4 250
Land Of The Miracle Gp3 247
Land Of The Miracle Gp3 256
Lavatory Love Machine Gp4 346
Matrix Gp5 325
Misguiding Your Life Gp3 286
Misguiding Your Life Gp4 209
Mysteria Gp3 353
Mysteria Gp4 276
Out Of Control Gp3 340
Painting On The Wall Gp4 271
Paradise Gp3 262
Power And Majesty Gp3 264
Roses To No One Gp3 289
Scarlet Rose Gp4 322
Scarlet Rose Gp4 220
Spooks In The Attic Gp4 331
Steel Church Gp4 278
Superheroes Gp4 367
Superheroes Gp4 5420
Tears Of A Mandrake Gp3 727
Theater Of Salvation Gp3 251
The Headless Game Gp3 300
The Pharaoh Gp3 284
The Piper Never Dies Gp4 640
The Unbeliever Gp3 325
Under The Moon Gp4 343
Until We Rise Again Gp4 247
Vain Glory Opera Gp3 256
Vain Glory Opera Gp4 185
Vain Glory Opera Gp3 173
Vain Glory Opera Gp4 174
When A Hero Cries Gp3 254
Wings Of A Dream Gp3 270
arrows fly Tab 286
deadmakers Tab 286
falling down Tab 244
how many miles Tab 298
land of the miracle Tab 319
no more foolin Tab 318
out of control Tab 410
theater of salvation Tab 288
the headless game Tab 309
the scarlet rose Tab 283
the unbeliever Tab 345
vainglory opera Tab 271
wake up the king Tab 299
all the clowns Tab 270
headless game Tab 275
no more foolin Tab 344
steel church Tab 283
tears of a mandrake Tab 315
the kingdom Tab 239
vain glory opera Tab 319