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Song Type Views
brushstroke new heart shadow PTB 272
bug eyes standard tuning arrangement PTB 660
catch without arms PTB 277
movement ii crosswind minuet PTB 300
ode to the sun PTB 346
same ol road PTB 288
the tanbark is hot lava PTB 320
zebraskin PTB 280
An Elephant In The Delta Waves Gp4 264
Brushstroke New Heart Shadow Gp4 263
Bug Eyes Gp4 423
Catch Without Arms Gp3 274
It Only Took A Day Gp3 272
Jamais Vu Gp4 312
Lechium Gp4 276
Movement II Crosswind Minuet Gp3 288
Ode To The Sun Gp4 351
Of The Room Gp4 254
Of The Room Gp4 235
Of The Room Gp4 173
Penguins In The Desert Gp3 283
Same Ol' Road Gp4 285
Sanzen Gp4 257
Sorry But It's Over Gp4 245
Symbol Song Gp3 288
The Canyon Behind Her Gp4 289
The Papal Insignia Gp4 271
The Tanbark Is Hot Lava Gp3 292
Yatahaee Gp4 263
Yatahaze Gp4 284
brushstroke new heart shadow Tab 275
bug eyes standard tuning arrangement Tab 252
catch without arms Tab 233
movement ii crosswind minuet Tab 252
ode to the sun Tab 266
same ol road Tab 247
the tanbark is hot lava Tab 286
zebraskin Tab 234