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Song Type Views
alone again PTB 401
alone again PTB 389
breaking the chains PTB 393
cry of the gypsy PTB 1274
dream warriors PTB 546
heartless heart PTB 357
heaven sent PTB 669
into the fire PTB 507
just got lucky PTB 514
kiss of death live PTB 532
lost behind the wall PTB 518
mrscary live PTB 330
mr scary PTB 413
mr scary PTB 315
mr scary live intro from beast of the east PTB 476
nothing left to say PTB 287
paris is burning live in berlin PTB 615
prisoner PTB 377
sleepless night PTB 841
unchain the night PTB 473
walk away PTB 586
without warning PTB 311
Alone Again Gp3 310
Breaking The Chains Gp3 258
Dream Warriors Gp3 335
Into The Fire Gp4 276
Into The Fire Gp4 217
In My Dreams Gp3 423
Jaded Heart Gp4 238
Just Got Lucky Gp4 354
Mr. Scary Gp3 247
Mr. Scary Gp4 167
Mr. Scary Gp4 328
Mr Scary (Semi Japan Version) Gp4 235
Standing In The Shadows (Live) Gp4 243
Unchain The Night Gp3 274
alone again Tab 231
alone again Tab 233
breaking the chains Tab 216
cry of the gypsy Tab 238
dream warriors Tab 265
heartless heart Tab 247
heaven sent Tab 268
into the fire Tab 215
just got lucky Tab 240
kiss of death live Tab 214
lost behind the wall Tab 212
mrscary live Tab 228
mr scary Tab 247
mr scary Tab 244
mr scary live intro from beast of the east Tab 232
nothing left to say Tab 235
paris is burning live in berlin Tab 242
prisoner Tab 222
sleepless night Tab 265
unchain the night Tab 245
walk away Tab 253
without warning Tab 230