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dire straits:

Song Type Views
brothers in arms PTB 1194
down to the waterline PTB 521
heavy fuel PTB 541
lady writer PTB 505
money for nothing PTB 1352
private investigations PTB 673
romeo and juliet PTB 774
sultans of swing PTB 1730
telegraph road PTB 732
the mans too strong PTB 452
tunnel of love PTB 689
twisting by the pool PTB 371
walk of life PTB 756
why worry PTB 579
your latest trick PTB 538
Brothers In Arms Gp3 466
Brothers In Arms Gp4 527
Brothers In Arms Gp3 1435
Calling Elvis Gp3 331
Calling Elvis Gp3 255
Calling Elvis Gp4 321
Down To The Waterline Gp3 349
Expresso Love Gp3 320
Expresso Love Gp3 408
Going Home Gp4 584
Iron Hand Gp3 348
Lady Writer Gp3 289
Lady writer Gp3 272
Local Hero (Wild Theme) Gp3 798
Love Over Gold Gp3 460
Money for Nothing Gp3 533
Money For Nothing Gp3 27556
News Gp4 345
Once Upon a Time In the West Gp3 387
Once Upon A Time In The West Gp4 381
On Every Street Gp3 364
On Every Street Gp3 311
Planet Of New Orleans Gp3 313
Planet Of New Orleans Gp3 278
Private Investigations Gp3 387
Private Investigations Gp3 324
Private Investigations Gp3 306
Romeo And Juliet Gp3 410
Romeo And Juliet Gp3 265
Romeo And Juliet Gp4 350
Single Handed Sailor Gp4 342
Solid Rock Gp4 874
Sultans Of Swing Gp3 435
Sultans of Swing Gp4 542
Sultans Of Swing Gp3 281
Sultans Of Swing Gp3 289
Sultans of Swing (live) Gp3 888
Sultans Of Swing Gp3 315
Sultans of swing LIVE Gp3 651
Sultans of swing LIVE Gp3 655
Telegraph Road Gp3 527
The Bug Gp4 574
The Man's Too Strong Gp3 308
The Mans Too Strong Gp3 289
Ticket To Heaven Gp3 335
Tunnel Of Love Gp3 387
Tunnel Of Love Gp3 276
Tunnel Of Love Gp3 284
Twisting By The Pool Gp3 372
Walk Of Life Gp3 365
Walk Of Life Gp3 325
Water Of Love Gp4 538
What it is Gp3 446
Where Do You Think Youre Going Gp3 539
Why Worry Gp3 475
Your Latest Trick Gp3 497
You And Your Friend Gp3 522
brothers in arms Tab 302
down to the waterline Tab 299
heavy fuel Tab 290
lady writer Tab 215
money for nothing Tab 298
private investigations Tab 314
romeo and juliet Tab 294
sultans of swing Tab 313
telegraph road Tab 342
the mans too strong Tab 268
tunnel of love Tab 301
twisting by the pool Tab 291
walk of life Tab 354
why worry Tab 338
your latest trick Tab 297