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Song Type Views
scars of the crucifix PTB 690
Bastards Of Christ Gp3 296
Biblebasher Gp4 335
Bible Basher Gp4 303
Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned Gp4 343
Christ Don't Care Gp4 287
Dead By Dawn Gp3 342
Fuck Your God Gp4 404
In Torment In Hell Gp4 298
Lunatic Of God's Creation Gp3 340
Once Upon the Cross Gp3 275
Once Upon the Cross Gp3 291
Sacrificial Suicide Gp4 364
Scars of the Crucifix Gp4 345
Scars Of The Crucifix Gp4 329
Serpents of the Light Gp3 349
Slave To The Cross Gp4 304
Standing In The Flames Gp4 275
Trifixion Gp4 307
Vengeance Will Be Mine Gp4 266
apocalyptic fear Tab 302
bastard of christ Tab 308
behead the prophet no lord shall live Tab 336
behind the light thou shall rise Tab 288
believe the lie Tab 272
bible basher Tab 331
blame it on god Tab 295
blasphererion Tab 302
carnage in the temple of the damned Tab 290
child of god Tab 301
christ denied Tab 285
christ dont care Tab 266
confessional rape Tab 304
creatures of habit Tab 290
crucifixation Tab 296
day of darkness Tab 288
dead but dreaming Tab 309
dead by dawn Tab 351
deicide Tab 296
father bakers Tab 317
forever hate you Tab 306
halls of warship Tab 287
holy deception Tab 286
imminent doom Tab 285
in hell i burn Tab 292
in torment in hell Tab 238
i am no one Tab 277
kill the christian Tab 390
let it be done Tab 306
lunatic of gods creation Tab 284
lunatic of gods creation intro Tab 377
lurking among us Tab 285
mephistopheles Tab 312
oblivious to evil Tab 333
once upon the cross Tab 301
once upon the cross bass Tab 319
refusal of penance Tab 282
remnant of a hopeless path Tab 321
repent to die Tab 326
revocate the agitator Tab 287
sacrificial suicide Tab 302
satan spawn the caco daemon Tab 302
serpents of the light Tab 298
serpents of the light intro Tab 402
serpents of the light solo Tab 280
slave to the cross Tab 301
standing in the flames Tab 275
suffer again Tab 331
they are the children of the underworld Tab 301
the gift that keeps on giving Tab 323
the truth above Tab 299
this is hell were in Tab 320
to be dead Tab 284
trick or betrayed Tab 328
trifixion Tab 260
vengeance will be mine Tab 285
when satan rules his world Tab 267
worry in the house of thieves Tab 313
worst enemy Tab 381
scars of the crucifix Tab 290