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dashboard confessional:

Song Type Views
again i go unnoticed PTB 195
again i go unnoticed PTB 210
age six racer PTB 234
as lovers go PTB 286
a plain morning PTB 255
carry this picture PTB 297
drowning PTB 247
ghost of a good thing PTB 329
hands down PTB 224
hands down PTB 175
hands down PTB 166
hands down acoustic PTB 389
living in your letters PTB 320
morning calls PTB 239
remember to breathe PTB 260
saints and sailors PTB 223
screaming infidelities PTB 269
shirts and gloves PTB 244
standard lines PTB 249
the best deceptions PTB 242
the places you have come to fear the most PTB 310
the sharp hint of new tears PTB 290
the swiss army romance PTB 262
this bitter pill PTB 281
this ruined puzzle PTB 242
turpentine chaser PTB 223
vindicated PTB 280
vindicated acoustic PTB 324
Again I Go Unnoticed Gp3 255
Age Six Racer Gp3 318
Bend and Not Break Gp4 263
Best Deceptions Gp4 235
Hands Down Gp3 198
Hands Down Gp4 200
Hands Down Gp4 185
Saints And Sailors Gp4 215
Saints And Sailors Gp4 182
Screaming Infidelities Gp3 242
Screaming Infidelities Gp4 193
Screaming Infidelities Gp4 159
Standard Lines Gp4 249
The Best Deceptions Gp4 231
The Good Fight Gp4 277
The Gosth Of A Good Thing (Acoustic) Gp4 238
The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most Gp4 311
The Sharp Hint Of New Tears Gp3 241
The Swiss Army Romance Gp4 255
Vindicated Gp4 239
Vindicated Gp4 170
again i go unnoticed Tab 219
again i go unnoticed Tab 205
age six racer Tab 198
as lovers go Tab 217
a plain morning Tab 206
carry this picture Tab 224
drowning Tab 206
ghost of a good thing Tab 210
hands down Tab 223
hands down Tab 214
hands down Tab 187
hands down acoustic Tab 223
living in your letters Tab 231
morning calls Tab 212
remember to breathe Tab 248
saints and sailors Tab 211
screaming infidelities Tab 204
shirts and gloves Tab 214
standard lines Tab 215
the best deceptions Tab 221
the places you have come to fear the most Tab 221
the sharp hint of new tears Tab 220
the swiss army romance Tab 216
this bitter pill Tab 206
this ruined puzzle Tab 200
turpentine chaser Tab 229
vindicated Tab 222
vindicated acoustic Tab 234