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darkest hour:

Song Type Views
district divided PTB 347
pathos PTB 312
seven day lie PTB 308
sound the surrender PTB 429
these fevered times PTB 416
the patriot virus PTB 301
the sadist nation PTB 347
tranquil PTB 402
with a thousand words to say but one PTB 375
Accessible Losses Gp4 318
Eclipse Gp3 386
Eclipse Gp4 324
Marching To The Killing Rythym Gp4 306
Part II Gp4 326
Pathos Gp4 364
Pathos Gp4 282
Payphones And Pills Gp4 312
Seven Day Lie Gp4 290
Sound The Surrender Gp4 372
The Misinformation Age Gp4 313
The Patriot Virus Gp4 296
The Sadist Nation Gp4 296
district divided Tab 398
pathos Tab 292
seven day lie Tab 277
sound the surrender Tab 298
these fevered times Tab 282
the patriot virus Tab 286
the sadist nation Tab 303
tranquil Tab 341
with a thousand words to say but one Tab 286