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Song Type Views
at the gallows end PTB 590
Battlecry Gp4 418
Black Dwarf Gp4 435
Dark Reflections Gp4 373
Epistle 81 Gp3 403
Marche Funebre Gp4 487
Solitude Gp3 516
ancient dreams Tab 406
at the gallows end Tab 388
at the gallows end Tab 394
codex gigas Tab 360
darkness in paradise Tab 439
dark reflections Tab 387
edge of heaven Tab 387
epistle n81 Tab 333
into the unfathomed tower Tab 374
mirror mirror Tab 376
solitude Tab 412
tales of creation Tab 390
the bells of acheron Tab 383
the prophecy Tab 374
the sorcerers pledge Tab 425
the well of souls Tab 379
at the gallows end Tab 317