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Song Type Views
arco arena PTB 418
comfort eagle PTB 382
daria PTB 533
end of the movie PTB 351
frank sinatra PTB 376
friend is a four letter word PTB 397
guitar PTB 379
i will survive PTB 1041
long line of cars PTB 355
mahna mahna PTB 524
meanwhile rick james PTB 385
never there PTB 393
opera singer PTB 403
the distance PTB 438
where would i be PTB 367
Comfort Eagle Gp3 364
Commisioning A Symphony In C Gp4 378
Four Letter Word Gp4 409
Frank Sinatra Gp4 380
Frank Sinatra Gp4 291
Friend Is A Four Letter Word Gp4 413
Hem Of Your Garment Gp4 434
It's Coming Down Gp4 388
I Will Survive Gp3 569
Long line Of Cars Gp3 382
Mexico Gp4 370
Never There Gp3 370
Never There Gp4 345
Short Skirt Long Jacket Gp3 368
Stickshifts And Safetybelts Gp4 384
The Distance Gp3 388
Wheels Gp4 384
arco arena Tab 327
comfort eagle Tab 309
daria Tab 340
end of the movie Tab 298
frank sinatra Tab 330
friend is a four letter word Tab 306
guitar Tab 289
i will survive Tab 331
long line of cars Tab 313
mahna mahna Tab 331
meanwhile rick james Tab 296
never there Tab 362
opera singer Tab 344
the distance Tab 328
where would i be Tab 299