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billy talent:

Song Type Views
cut the curtains PTB 398
line and sinker PTB 445
living in the shadows PTB 361
nothing to lose PTB 447
prisoners of today PTB 368
river below PTB 394
river below PTB 279
standing in the rain PTB 364
the ex PTB 405
this is how it goes PTB 385
try honesty PTB 377
try honesty PTB 345
voices of violence PTB 350
Cut The Curtains Gp4 345
Lies Gp4 345
Nothing To Lose Gp4 323
Red Flag Gp4 871
River Below Gp4 270
River Below Gp4 268
River Below Gp4 225
Standing In The Rain Gp4 325
Voices Of Violence Gp4 314
Living In The Shadows Gp4 345
The Ex Gp4 337
This Is How It Goes Gp4 377
This Is How It Goes (2) Gp4 381
Try Honesty Gp4 345
Try Honesty (2) Gp4 338
Try Honesty (3) Gp4 259
cut the curtains Tab 275
line and sinker Tab 263
living in the shadows Tab 278
nothing to lose Tab 263
prisoners of today Tab 318
river below Tab 288
river below Tab 255
standing in the rain Tab 265
the ex Tab 272
this is how it goes Tab 247
try honesty Tab 257
try honesty Tab 282
voices of violence Tab 274