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billy talent:

Song Type Views
cut the curtains PTB 382
line and sinker PTB 427
living in the shadows PTB 342
nothing to lose PTB 429
prisoners of today PTB 352
river below PTB 377
river below PTB 262
standing in the rain PTB 349
the ex PTB 387
this is how it goes PTB 370
try honesty PTB 360
try honesty PTB 330
voices of violence PTB 333
Cut The Curtains Gp4 329
Lies Gp4 328
Nothing To Lose Gp4 307
Red Flag Gp4 856
River Below Gp4 255
River Below Gp4 252
River Below Gp4 209
Standing In The Rain Gp4 309
Voices Of Violence Gp4 298
Living In The Shadows Gp4 329
The Ex Gp4 317
This Is How It Goes Gp4 360
This Is How It Goes (2) Gp4 363
Try Honesty Gp4 328
Try Honesty (2) Gp4 320
Try Honesty (3) Gp4 243
cut the curtains Tab 259
line and sinker Tab 245
living in the shadows Tab 260
nothing to lose Tab 246
prisoners of today Tab 301
river below Tab 272
river below Tab 240
standing in the rain Tab 249
the ex Tab 255
this is how it goes Tab 233
try honesty Tab 240
try honesty Tab 265
voices of violence Tab 257