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Song Type Views
24 carnations PTB 305
a lost memory PTB 324
a tale from the heart PTB 331
boogie time PTB 306
by pain of deth tribute to megadeth PTB 338
foggy river PTB 327
mixing rock neo classical PTB 361
one dark illusion PTB 323
oy vey klezmer kraze PTB 528
prelude PTB 308
progresso PTB 301
romance PTB 350
sileno PTB 321
stand off PTB 311
swim thru the styx PTB 330
tapping sonata PTB 302
the hit PTB 305
when illusion becomes reality PTB 340
24 carnations Tab 343
a lost memory Tab 334
a tale from the heart Tab 294
boogie time Tab 286
by pain of deth tribute to megadeth Tab 289
foggy river Tab 274
mixing rock neo classical Tab 277
one dark illusion Tab 285
oy vey klezmer kraze Tab 289
prelude Tab 270
progresso Tab 303
romance Tab 288
sileno Tab 320
stand off Tab 271
swim thru the styx Tab 299
tapping sonata Tab 258
the hit Tab 296
when illusion becomes reality Tab 296