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alice cooper:

Song Type Views
bed of nails PTB 541
be my lover PTB 584
billion dollar babies PTB 641
brutal planet PTB 456
department of youth PTB 484
desperado PTB 612
elected PTB 602
hell is living without you PTB 1374
house of fire PTB 557
im eighteen PTB 606
im your gun PTB 532
muscle of love PTB 481
no more mr nice guy PTB 626
only my heart talkin PTB 614
only women bleed live PTB 557
poison PTB 974
schools out PTB 559
schools out PTB 498
spark in the dark PTB 727
under my wheels PTB 671
wicked young man PTB 428
Aspirin Damage Gp4 512
Ballad of the dwight frye Gp3 573
Bed Of Nails Gp4 584
Billion Dollar Babies Gp4 720
Brutal Planet Gp3 528
Clones Gp4 508
Dangerous Tonight Gp4 543
Dead Babies Gp3 546
Desperado (Metal Version) Gp4 521
Gimme Gp3 503
Im Eighteen Gp3 632
Muscle Of Love Gp4 526
No More Mr. Nice Guy Gp4 498
No More Mr. Nice Guy Gp4 422
Pick Up The Bones Gp4 493
Poisen Gp3 806
Poison Gp4 704
School's Out Gp4 512
Schools Out Gp4 489
Snakebite Gp4 545
Take It Like A Woman Gp4 480
Wicked Young Man Gp3 484
bed of nails Tab 467
be my lover Tab 458
billion dollar babies Tab 448
brutal planet Tab 435
department of youth Tab 469
desperado Tab 535
elected Tab 467
hell is living without you Tab 559
house of fire Tab 468
im eighteen Tab 457
im your gun Tab 428
muscle of love Tab 450
no more mr nice guy Tab 478
only my heart talkin Tab 471
only women bleed live Tab 495
poison Tab 446
schools out Tab 482
schools out Tab 455
spark in the dark Tab 469
under my wheels Tab 436
wicked young man Tab 455