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alan parsons project:

Song Type Views
eye in the sky PTB 796
games people play PTB 620
i wouldnt want to be like you PTB 1518
sirius PTB 537
sirius PTB 486
sirius PTB 408
some other time PTB 1251
what goes up PTB 593
Blue Sky Gp3 568
Dreamscape Gp4 581
Eye In The Sky Gp3 696
Eye In the Sky (Intro) Gp4 770
If I Could Change Your Mind Gp3 693
I Robot Gp3 647
Limelight Gp3 583
Lucifer Gp3 704
Mammagamma Gp3 1114
sirius Gp3 516
Sirius Gp4 600
Standing Of Higher Ground Gp3 593
The Cask Of Amontillado Gp3 692
The Raven Gp3 680
The System of Dr. Tarr and Pr. Feather Gp3 712
The Tell Tale Heart Gp3 568
Wine From The Water Gp3 592
You Dont Believe Gp3 605
eye in the sky Tab 457
games people play Tab 477
i wouldnt want to be like you Tab 459
sirius Tab 482
sirius Tab 484
sirius Tab 495
some other time Tab 478
what goes up Tab 516