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Song Type Views
amazing PTB 718
angel PTB 663
baby please dont go PTB 701
blind man PTB 495
blind man PTB 495
boogie man PTB 723
crazy PTB 957
cryin PTB 859
deuces are wild PTB 517
deuces are wild PTB 469
dream on PTB 750
dream on PTB 688
dude looks like a lady PTB 625
eat the rich PTB 865
falling in love is hard on the knees PTB 596
fever PTB 578
flesh PTB 503
get a grip PTB 541
gotta love it PTB 510
i dont want to miss a thing PTB 957
jaded PTB 699
janies got a gun PTB 609
last child PTB 612
line up PTB 572
livin on the edge PTB 662
love in an elevator PTB 914
mama kin PTB 681
rag doll PTB 638
same old song and dance PTB 701
seasons of wither PTB 555
shut up and dance PTB 508
sick as a dog PTB 626
sos too bad PTB 599
sweet emotion PTB 597
sweet emotion PTB 690
the other side PTB 536
walkin the dog PTB 798
walk on down PTB 440
walk this way PTB 941
Aint That A Bitch Gp3 643
Amazing Gp3 691
Amazing Gp3 615
Angel Gp3 583
Angel Gp3 563
Angel Gp4 533
Attitude Adjustment Gp3 625
Avant Garden Gp3 592
Avant Garden Gp3 517
Baby, Please Don't Go Gp3 716
Baby, Please Don't Go Gp4 583
Crazy Gp3 640
Crazy Gp4 566
Cryin' Gp3 679
Cryin' Gp3 526
Cryin' Gp4 568
Don't Get Mad, Get Even Gp4 623
Dream On Gp3 678
Dream On Gp3 606
Dream On Gp4 616
Dude Looks Like A Lady Gp3 601
Dude Looks Like A Lady Gp4 500
Dulcimer Stomp Gp4 603
Eat the Rich Gp3 677
Falling in Love Gp3 630
Get A Grip Gp4 607
Girls Of Summer Gp3 701
Hole in My Soul Gp3 629
Hole In My Soul Gp4 616
Im down Gp3 547
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Gp3 818
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Gp3 614
I Dont Want To Miss A Thing Gp3 617
I live in Connecticut Gp3 566
Jaded Gp3 726
Janes got a gun Gp3 600
Janies Got A Gun Gp3 723
Kings And Queens Gp3 593
Kiss Your Past Goodbye Gp3 578
Kiss Your Past Goodbye (Outro Guitar Solo) Gp3 603
Last Child Gp3 573
Last Child Gp3 466
Lay It Down Gp4 576
Light Inside Gp3 598
Livin' on the Edge Gp3 657
Lord of the Thighs Gp3 584
Mama Kin Gp3 608
Mama Kin Gp4 550
Movin Out Gp3 620
Nine Lives Gp3 638
No More No More Gp3 673
Pink Gp3 845
Rag Doll Gp4 563
Rag Doll Gp3 560
Walk In The Sand Gp3 716
Road Runner Gp4 591
Same Old Song And Dance Gp3 651
Same Old Song And Dance Gp3 490
Seasons Of Wither Gp3 520
Seasons Of Wither Gp4 536
Shut Up And Dance Gp4 596
Subway Gp3 525
Sunshine Gp3 578
Sweet Emotion Gp3 698
Taste Of India Gp3 537
The Farm Gp3 597
The Grind Gp3 536
The Grind Gp4 530
Train Kept A Rollin' Gp3 632
Train Kept A Rollin Gp4 656
Trip Hoppin' Gp3 531
Walk On Down Gp4 595
Walk this Way Gp3 686
Walk This Way Gp4 622
Walk This Way Gp3 486
Walk This Way Gp4 496
Walk This Way Gp4 494
Walk This Way Gp4 478
What it takes Gp3 608
What It Takes Gp3 609
amazing Tab 580
angel Tab 488
baby please dont go Tab 487
blind man Tab 516
blind man Tab 509
boogie man Tab 484
crazy Tab 621
cryin Tab 461
deuces are wild Tab 467
deuces are wild Tab 499
dream on Tab 531
dream on Tab 490
dude looks like a lady Tab 440
eat the rich Tab 471
falling in love is hard on the knees Tab 445
fever Tab 537
flesh Tab 466
get a grip Tab 456
gotta love it Tab 438
i dont want to miss a thing Tab 449
jaded Tab 437
janies got a gun Tab 447
last child Tab 460
line up Tab 441
livin on the edge Tab 476
love in an elevator Tab 458
mama kin Tab 463
rag doll Tab 452
same old song and dance Tab 494
seasons of wither Tab 454
shut up and dance Tab 470
sick as a dog Tab 437
sos too bad Tab 494
sweet emotion Tab 563
sweet emotion Tab 456
the other side Tab 465
walkin the dog Tab 453
walk on down Tab 439
walk this way Tab 452